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Children face many life challenges and rapid changes. They may be coping with changes in their
families, schools, or neighborhoods as well. ?Many times they are not able to communicate well about the
their parents become concerned and confused, uncertain how they can help them or whether the child
needs professional help.

Sometimes children get through the changes fine without professional intervention, especially with the
help of stable, supportive caregivers who know what they need to do to help. Sometimes, however,
children develop dysfunctional coping behavior and develop issues and insecurities that ?leave effects
that will last throughout their life if left unaddressed. The most effective time to address these issues is at
the earliest possible time. ?

It is more effective to address the issues early than waiting and letting them try to address these old
issues and behaviors in adulthood, when the behaviors are habitual, the emotional effects are a part of
their personality and they may lack the skills needed for good emotional control and good personal
relationships which are essential for happy adult life. ?Therapy for children is designed to understand and
support them at their developmental level, and teach them helpful social and emotional skills so they can
grow and develop in the healthiest manner and "be all they can be". ?Children are different from adults
and they need a special kind of therapy ?designed to meet their developmental needs. ?
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