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Being a parent can be a true joy, but it isn't easy. Parenting is a round-the-clock job with stress of being a parent, ?it is
important to recognize the accumulation of stress from

Signs of Too Much Stress Include:
? ?Feeling tired and irritable most of the time
? ?Feelings of being down or low that last more than a few days
? ?More than usual difficulty concentrating and making decisions
? ?Difficulty enjoying regular activities that used to give pleasure
? ?Feelings of worthlessness, helplessness, hopelessness or guilt
? ?Loss of appetite
? ?Sleeping problems ?

What to do About Stress:
? ?Take a breather (deep breathing can quickly and effectively relieve stress)
? ?Take a break (even a short break of five minutes can provide stress-relieving benefits)
? ?Make time for yourself (provide regularly scheduled breaks)
? ?Make time for exercise and regular daily activities
? ?For severe stress, seek the help of a physician or other health care professional

How to Minimize Stresses of Parenting:
? ?Share household responsibilities and chores with other members of the household
(spouse, partner, even older children).
? ?Set realistic rules for children and stick by them.
? ?Try to maintain a fairly regular schedule for children, including set meal times and bed times.
? ?Have realistic expectations of your children's behavior and respect their individuality.
? ?Don't sweat the small stuff. Many little problems and mistakes that children make are not worth getting upset over -
just let them go.
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