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Whose Family Values?

????Idealized in mainstream culture, the traditional nuclear family, consisting of two married parents and their
biological children, has historically been held as the ideal model for shaping the collective values of the
larger society. But with recent shifts in family composition, toward a more diverse familial association, what
can be said of the values families practice today? ?Does the rise in divorce, co-habitation, same-sex unions,
and out-of-wedlock childbirth indicate a ?values crisis? has taken place in America?
????To fully consider how values apply to family life requires both a broad and narrow scope of examination ?
one that views the individual family as an inter-related feature of a much larger socio-cultural landscape. This
scope must accommodate a diverse perspective of family life in order to appreciate the intricately woven ties
that bind families together. ?Additionally, one must account for the unique life challenges and stressors
parents face from demands associated with work, family and school. Using both quantitative and qualitative
research methods, this study attempts to better understand the topic of family values among a national and
local sample of parents.
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Burchell, S. (2007). Whose Family Values? A Study of Family Values and Daily Life Among Parents
????????????????????????????of Traditional and Non-Traditional Families